We visited Dr. Alopa for the first time when Cherry ( golden retriever) went through the hip dislocation surgery. We were very concerned about our dog if she would be able to walk again or not after the surgery. But Alopa's treatment worked as a charm. The swimming lessons and the exercises were really thought through. Even when we were out for 2 weeks, Alopa made sure that Cherry's treatment is taken care of without break. She visited her boarding kennel for the treatment. Cherry is walking pretty much perfectly now. Alopa helped me not only during the treatment but even after the treatment to make sure that Cherry is ok. Even a slight change in Cherry's walking, we used to share Cherrys videos with Alopa to know if there is any problem or not. Alopa connects very well with Cherry. Even if I have known Alopa for a very short time, can trust her blindly for my Cherry.

Cherry,Golden Retriever

My husky was just 4 months old when he fractured his leg and underwent multiple surgeries. We contacted Dr. Alopa for physiotherapy for our pup to ensure his leg functioned completely properly post the surgeries. She was really involved and genuinely concerned for his leg recovery and we are very happy that we called her. She provided all the therapies need - from hydrotherapy to exercises - she treated him so well and he was back on his feet again in just a few sessions. I highly recommend Alopa for canine physiotherapy - you can rest assured your pet will be in expert hands!


Dr. Alopa Madane (PT), also provide home service of dog rehabilitation.

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