Electrotherapy began to be used on pets due to its success treating people and horses. It was initially used on racehorses, where care for the animals is determined by the amount of money generated by the races and the breeding.


Exercise Therapy

Physical therapy is important for recovery from paralysis. You should continue to do it even if you see little change in your pet’s condition. Nerves regenerate very slowly, but healing does occur.


Hydrotherapy (water exercise) is excellent for pets recovering from paralysis. With hydrotherapy your pet can exercise all of its legs even if it cannot bear weight or has poor balance.


Gym Ball Exercise

Get a large ball or buy a Swiss ball (Physioball, Theraball). Place the ball under your pet’s middle so your pet is draped over the ball.Hold onto your pet with both hands for safety and roll the ball forward slightly.

Endurance and Agility

Agility dogs may be required to run, jump, climb, start and stop, and change direction suddenly. Because of these demands, these canine athletes require strength, endurance, speed and flexibility to ensure maximum performance.


Old Age Care

A high quality, well-balanced diet is fundamental to your dog’s health. Leafy green and yellow-orange vegetables, such as carrots, may decrease the risk of bladder cancer in certain dogs.

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