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Dr. Alopa Madane (PT) is a human physiotherapist who has completed ger Master of Physiotherapy from a reputed college. She loves being a physiotherapist and she also loves our four legged friends. So, after four yeas of helping people heal, she had the opportunity to combine her two passions.

Dr. Alopa has completed a certification course in “Practical Rehabilitation for the Veterinary Industry” from Australia. Her qualification, passion for giving animals a better, pain free life and her experience in this field makes her communicate with our furry friends quite easily. Her aim is to raise awareness of animal rehabilitation in India and make people realize that quality of life is as important to our four legged friends as it is to humans!

Madane firmly believes that the quality of life for canines is extremely important, as it is to humans. Therefore,along with managing her human physiotherapy clinic.she has taken up the work of raising awareness about canine physiotherapy. She spends her weekends giving physiotherapy treatment to and rehabilitation of our four legged companions.

Our clinic offer rehabilitation protocol for your furry friend’s it consists of electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, exercises to improve joint movement and flexibility and specific muscle training, functional activity training, endurance training, etc.

Dr. Alopa Madane (PT), also provide home service of dog rehabilitation.

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 “Canines need exercise too
Article of Dr. Alopa Madane publish in Hindustan Times.

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