Why does my Pet need Hydrotherapy?

There are many benefits to canine hydrotherapy and exercising in water is highly effective for improving strength, muscular endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, joint range of motion, agility, and mental well-being. The transformation from a pet who is uncomfortable/in pain and unhappy to a happy dog who is able to have a good quality of life is fabulous.

Hydrotherapy uses water’s buoyancy and resistance to rehabilitate/exercise your dog safely with greater potential for increased range of movement with less associated pain. Water temperature is kept in an ideal range for your dog (usually 31C) and our pool is tested three times a day to ensure water quality standards.

Even if your dog has never swam before or walks round puddles, the team are very good at increasing your dogs’ confidence in and around water and regularly deal with dogs who are a little shy about water.