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Dr Alopa Madane (PT), physiotherapist, is passionate about her profession as well as is concerned about the quality of life of furry friends.

We are often recommended to go to a physiotherapist when hurt or required to heal an injury. Ever wondered,If your canine friend would need recovery after a fall? Well, the answer Is yes. The benefits of physiotherapy are the same for humans and canines. Dr Alopa Madane a physiotherapist (for humans) states that dogs are playful by nature. They love running here and there Jumping and Playing. She says, -With canine rehabilitation.we try to make a dog functionally active with the help of a variety of exercises so that his recovery period reduces and he can get back to being playful soon so that his Quality of life improves.

 “Canines need exercise too

Article of Dr. Alopa Madane publish in Hindustan Times.
Dr. Alopa Madane (PT), also provide home service of dog rehabilitation.

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